Thursday, September 11, 2014

Boost Your Immune and Respiratory Systems to Protect Yourself from Infection

There is a virus going around...and it's catching. It is also a time of year when children return to school, germs spread through contact and shared items and the seasons change and respiratory issues (allergies and asthma) arise. 

The key to successfully quickly overcoming infections such as virus that is going around is in dealing with it IMMEDIATELY at first sign of infection. Wash hands and all surfaces frequently, drink plenty of fluids and REST. I had to personally take a half day to get myself back to be ready for the world. I had IMMUNE BOOST FORMULA, SPICED HONEY and IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER to assist me herbally. If you already have respiratory challenges, I would suggest the BREATHE EASY FORMULA as well.

Don't be caught unprepared...inbox or call me for information regarding formula extracts, detox services and products. 704-251-9770

Listen to 10 year old Amarion as he shares his thoughts after using the Breathe Easy Formula after he began and had not yet completed one full bottle:

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