Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am facilitating an Herb'N Garden Workshop this Saturday, July 14, 2012 10:30am at the Cathcart Farm in Rock Hill, SC (30 MIN drive from Charlotte). We will discuss common medicinal and culinary herbs and their applications as well as easy & practical techniques to cultivate, harvest, and storage solutions. Inbox me or call 866-944-9560 for more information and directions. No cost to attend LOVE OFFERINGS ARE ACCEPTED.

It is finally ready!!! This season's first batch of freshly made Herb'N Spice Pesto!  I must say that the Herb'N Spice Pesto went over very well last year.  I quickly sold out almost as soon as I made each batch.  I held a private stash for my own personal use throughout the winter however, there were a number of those who continued to request more even after I suggested that they wait for the basil to grow in the garden once again so that I may make a fresh batch.  Since I knew their personal situation, I would give in and dip into my personal supply.  I was not so sure of it at first after summer months passed into fall and soon winter and the bright green color toned down into a deeper evergreen color.  However, the pesto held its own with the robust flavor and aroma of basil.  Most importantly, it maintained its potency and effectiveness!  I have to admit, I was proud.

Pesto, simply put, it a paste made out of fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, Herb'N Spice Seasonings, flax seeds, garlic, wonderful goodness & lots of LOVE!  I have known for some time that basil will alleviate allergic reactions but, it wasn't until last year that I found out how severe reactions can quickly be alleviated with a simple spoonful taken straight-up.  I have seen it first hand: anaphalaxis calmed and completely subsided as well as an asthma attack.  I suggest that people who are prone to these type of reactions and conditions keep Herb'N Spice Pesto in their fridge in addition to the Breathe Easy Formula.

Pesto is tasty in pasta dishes, casseroles, pizza, breads and sandwiches.  I also add into tomato-based dishes and hummus.  I am sure that the creative chef can offer even more ways that pesto can be enjoyed.  I make each batch with fresh, organic, garden-grown basil in small batches with quality & fresh ingredients.  

People are still telling me of how basil is coming to their aid.  I suggest that you try it for yourself.  $8 per jar of Herb'N Spice Pesto. $15 per 1oz. of Breathe Easy Formula.  These two make an excellent combination for anyone with respiratory challenges.  Call to request yours today 866-944-9560 ext 703.