Thursday, October 13, 2011


This spice tip is inspired by a true story about a man I once knew who had several cavities and a couple of root canals.  He needed more as he had an exposed nerve.  Ouch!  I must admit that I was cautious at first approach.  This full grown man was near tears and it effected his ability to work. One side of his jaw had swollen to the size of a lemon. This was detrimental to this budding entreprenuer who still had deadlines to meet. When adults have tooth pain, it is usually something more serious that needs to be attended.  However, I know the need to ease pain and bring down swellings. I was dealing with an abscess.

I lightly dipped a cotton ball in olive oil and dusted it with powdered tumeric root and insert herb-side down and apply to area of gums (add powdered myrrh and/or goldenseal for added measure).  I administered this at bedtime and by morning,he swelling went down as the abscess had drained and looking like it was healing well. The guy was feeling much better.  He was ready to get back to work and his appetite was back to normal almost as nothing happened.  Surely.  He can resume his work as an entrepenuer so that he may grow his business but, dental work is in serious order and will need to be dealt with ASAP.

BONUS: 1/2 tsp of tumeric taken as Goody's/BC powders is excellent to aid in pain relief and cleanses the liver as well.  Powerful anti-inflammatory that makes tasty dishes, most notable in curry spices and meals.  Also noted to be great for skin.  Every home should have this spice on hand.

I don't like to be long-winded so look for more on tumeric spice tips.


This tip is wrapped up in a story.

I have dealt with the bear that some people can become when dealing with tooth pain.  It is a sad sight truly for babies and adults alike.  I most recently had the pleasure of soothing the gums of my GodSun who will be 7months soon.  He is cutting his bottom teeth.  He gums anything he can get his hands on long enough.  He hasn't been sleeping like his usual self.  Poor thing.  He fusses and cries.  I can only imagine.  I don't remember teething as a baby but, I can remember my troubles  with the "Wisdom" teeth.  Ouch with  the swelling, throbbing pain.  There is inflammation, itchiness, pressure and aggravation.  So many little things can cause big headaches, really.  Eating is no fun either.  So I think of my experience and imagine a baby who may not know how to talk in grown up language but, he sure does know how to communicate!

So I listen...

He says, "Make it stop!  My mouth doesn't feel right!"

I respond, "Ok.  I hear you.  Please be patient ok?"

I get a small ceramic bowl and add a splash of olive oil. For those that NEED measurements, use 2 tbsp.  I follow with 3 drops of clove essential oil.  Get a cotton swab to stir the mixture and apply to needed areas along the gumline.

Grumpy baby turned happy says, "Thank you!  I feel so much better."
"Good. I am so glad that you feel better. You know I love to see you smile."
Happy baby smiles and laughs as he bounces with his legs while standing in his aunties lap, "Let's play!  What else is there to explore, Aura?"
I hug him tight and "The whole world, Yasir.  Better even to reach for the stars. For now, let's start over THERE!"