Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Herb'N Natural Deodorant

A Natural Deodorant that actually WORKS!!!

Everyone has their own body chemistry so results vary but, an overwhelming MAJORITY of customers that try Herb'N Spice Herb'N Natural Deodorant really like it! There is a difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. A deodorant will prevent or reduce odors where an anti-perspirant will prevent perspiration (sweat). Sweat is actually a natural bodily function that both cools the body as well as remove toxins and wastes from the body.

It is not our desire to stop or suppress the natural functions of the body that actually work to our benefit. In fact we have very important lymph glands in our armpits adjacent to our breast tissue that help to remove said toxins and wastes out of our body. If excessive sweating is an issue, then it is one that should be dealt with internally. Call Herb'N Spice  704-251-9770 to inquire about natural ways to stop excessive perspiration. However, since breast tissue is mostly fatty tissue and is an easy place for toxins and wastes to store, it is in my opinion best to not suppress the sweat production but, to put the funk to a halt!

Most customers are repeat customers and they report that the deodorant is effective over a 24 hour period. This natural spray deodorant can be applied anywhere along the body to acheive optimal freshness. A few good squirts to clean skin and you are fresh for the day! The ingredients are very simple, non-irritating and effective. Get yours today!!!


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