Monday, November 24, 2014

Herb'N Spice Collection of Spice Blends and Honey

Every well-stocked kitchen needs to have the Herb'N Spice Collection. Good cooks know good food need the right ingredients. 

If you are desiring quality of herbs and spices without the unnecessary ingredients, additives, fillers and preservatives in popular seasonings then Herb'N Spice Seasoning Blends are what you need in your kitchen as you prepare your meals. I love preparing food and entertaining guests so blending my own spices is very natural (and time consuming) for me to acheive the flavor that desired.  Now many of my customers are chefs, caterers and just a bunch of excellent cooks and people who love flavorful food. It is an honor to have the approval of many who know and prepare good food.

The classic blends of aromatic herbs and spices are full of anti-oxidants and flavor!  Among the list of fine natural and organic ingredients used in the Herb’N Spice Collection are pink Himalayan crystal salt (approx 1 tsp per container) and LOVE.  You will TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! 

Herb'N Spice Trio 

Green Life 

This nutrient & flavor-dense blend is enhanced with chlorophyll-rich seaweeds touted as super foods:  spirulina, chlorella, & kelp.  Suggested use in raw vegetarian dishes, dips, soups, salads & seafood entrees.  Price $7 + shipping.

Spice of Life    
This blend is sure to spice things up a bit!  Anti-inflammatory in nature with flavor that packs a punch. Suggested use in soups, stews, beans, greens, meat, poultry & vegetarian dishes. Price $5 + shipping.

Original Blend

This favorite is suggested for use as a tasty season-all for meat, poultry, seafood, & vegetable-based dishes. Price $5 + shipping.

Spiced Honey

This combination of spices are blended in wild flower honey is very soothing. Add to whole grain cereal, toast, yogurt, teas, coffee, fruit, or even just plain warm water with a splash of lemon.  This is a great way to start the day. $10/jar

*Great Gift Idea* *BEST DEAL*

Herb'N Spice Collection includes Spice Trio PLUS Spiced Honey! $25 Package!!!

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